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Tiny Climate Challenge is a podcast dedicated to helping busy people save the planet by completing one simple eco-challenge at a time. ~ Mayela Manasjan

Jul 22, 2019

Plastic Surgery: Cutting Plastic Out of Our Lives. Tiny Climate Challenge Episode 4 is all about minimizing waste, eliminating plastic from our daily lives and reducing our carbon footprint.

@ 0:50 Our Challenge Guest - my lifelong best friend, April Powers and her kids learn to flex their sustainability muscle by eliminating single-use plastic from their school lunches and their dining experiences.

@ 29:10 Our Challenge Expert, Lori Sommers from Waste Management provides us with an update on recycling, China’s National Sword policy and the R’s of sustainability. 

Tiny Climate Challenge Guest: April Powers is the Managing Director of First Impression Rx, a full-service consulting firm that helps companies manage differences through training and diversity and inclusion strategy. She is a highly-rated trainer for Fortune 500, government and non-profit companies and is also a Climate Reality Leader. She just started a children’s book and website called Finicky Fiona to encourage children to eat the rainbow and to help people with allergies learn how to cook delicious food.

Tiny Climate Challenge Expert: Lori Somers is the Community and Municipal Relations Representative for Waste Management where she has worked for 30 years. She works closely with multiple Southern California cities to help them develop comprehensive recycling and diversion programs to meet their zero waste goals and comply with local and state waste diversion mandates. Outside of work, Lori has been involved with Soroptimist International of Oceanside-Carlsbad since 1998. From 2006 - 2007 she served as President of the Soroptimist and was honored as Soroptimist of the Year for her leadership and service to the organization and her community. In her spare time, Lori also enjoys traveling, skiing and reading.

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