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Tiny Climate Challenge is a podcast dedicated to helping busy people save the planet by completing one simple eco-challenge at a time. ~ Mayela Manasjan

Nov 12, 2019

In Tiny Climate Challenge Episode 11 our Guest Experts, Paul Manasjan and Steve Statler talk about The Good Traveler, a program they co-founded to engage the traveling public to fly carbon neutral through the purchase of carbon offsets.

Their Tiny Climate Challenges for all of us is to purchase carbon offsets as individuals, organizations (private, public and non-profit), to promote sustainable conferences and events and encourage all airports to achieve carbon neutrality.

Visit The Good Traveller for more information.

Guest Expert Information

Paul Manasjan
The Manasjan Consultancy

With over 30 years of public sector experience working in the fields of environmental health, resource management, and sustainability, Mr. Paul Manasjan is an internationally recognized leader and innovator in airport sustainability and the recipient of the 2018 Pioneer in Aviation Sustainability Award.

Mr. Manasjan has recently retired from his post as Director of Environmental Affairs for San Diego International Airport and as chair of Airport Council International-North America, Environmental Committee’s Sustainability Working Group. He is now applying his expertise at The Manasjan Consultancy to supporting private and public sector organizations in the visioning and building of resilient enterprises through collaborative, integrative and whole-system approaches to continuous improvement.

Steve Statler
SVP Marketing & Business Development
Mister Beacon podcast

Steve Statler is the author of Beacon Technologies, the presenter of the Mister Beacon podcast and a Senior VP at Wiliot where he is responsible for consulting, marketing and business development. Wiliot is a fabless semiconductor company connecting people and products with battery-free Bluetooth tags powered by harvesting energy from radio waves.

Prior to Wiliot, his consulting company specialized in Bluetooth beacon technology, training and advising manufacturers, venue owners, VCs, as well as makers of beacon software and hardware. Previously he was the Senior Director for Strategy and Solutions Management at Qualcomm's Retail Solutions Division, helping to incubate Gimbal, one of the leading Bluetooth beacons in the market.  Along the way, he became interested in sustainability and carbon offsetting. As a consultant, he supported the development of The Good Traveler carbon offsetting program.

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