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Tiny Climate Challenge is a podcast dedicated to helping busy people save the planet by completing one simple eco-challenge at a time. ~ Mayela Manasjan

Sep 1, 2020

In this Tiny Climate Challenge episode our Guest Challenger Leonard Grossberg talks about his evolution from being a career environmental professional to becoming a passionate environmental and political activist as a retiree. He discusses the importance of raising eco-conscious families, connecting with our communities, being civically engaged, volunteering with environmental organizations and staying politically active.

Guest Expert Bio

Leonard Grossberg is happily retired after working more than 25 years with the City of Vernon Health & Environmental Control Department. He started as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) and worked his way up to Director/Health Officer.

These days Leonard likes to spend his time as an environmental activist reviewing and commenting on local and regional construction/development projects and environmental policies and programs in San Diego County.  He also likes to work with the California Association of Environmental Health Administrators (CAEHA) as an emergency contractor whenever there are fire recovery efforts such as the Clayton Fire in Lake County, 2016-17.

Leonard has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental & Occupational Health from California State University Northridge (1978); a Master of Public Administration from California State University Northridge (1997); and a Toxic & Hazardous Control & Management Certificate from University of California, Los Angeles (1992). He has been registered as a REHS/RS since 1978.

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