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Tiny Climate Challenge is a podcast dedicated to helping busy people save the planet by completing one simple eco-challenge at a time. ~ Mayela Manasjan

Feb 4, 2020

Pia Piscitelli committed to her own slow fashion challenge for an entire year in 2019. In this episode, she shares her best ideas and inspirations to help us all take eco-actions to create a more sustainable closet.

Guest Challenger Bio

Pia Piscitelli is passionate about eco-action and finding tangible ways to make a difference. For over five years, she has worked in environmental education organizations helping kids and adults take steps to live a more sustainable life. She was trained as a Climate Reality Leader with former Vice President Al Gore, and she's certified as a Master Composter. She runs Greenie Guide, a resource that helps individuals take climate action, and she loves exploring sustainable travel, cooking with her solar oven, and supporting her local coffee scene.

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Pia Piscitelli
Instagram & Twitter: @greenieguide

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We are grateful for the generosity of Ashley Mazanec and her permission to use "Possible" from her album "Let’s Talk About The Weather" available on iTunes or Bandcamp. Ashley is an Eco Musician, and the co-founder of Let's Talk About The Weather podcast at EcoArts Foundation.